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Best Contraception Method?

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  • Best Contraception Method?

    What is the best type of contraception after pregnancy? Or whats the best contraception in general?

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    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for your question.

    There is no one 'best' type of contraception after pregnancy, or in general.

    There are various types of birth control methods ranging from short term methods such as birth control pills or long acting reversible methods (also known as LARC) such as IUD or implanon.

    To determine which method is most suitable for you, it would be good to have a doctor's consultation first so that we can decide on which is the most suitable method for you based on your needs.

    You may wish to read more about IUD is this link below.

    You can also schedule an appointment with us to have a better discussion on a suitable birth control method.

    Hope this answers your queries!
    Intra Uterine Device (IUD) in Singapore. The intra-uterine device (IUD) is long term, reversible mode of contraception. It is one of the most effective birth control methods available, with an over 98% success rate at preventing pregnancy.


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      You can start using the shot, implant, Skyla and Mirena IUDs, and some types of birth control pills (called mini-pills) right after giving birth. You may be able to get an implant or IUD in the hospital or at your postpartum checkup. Implants and IUDs are super effective, and prevent pregnancy for several years.