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Prolonged heavy period

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  • Prolonged heavy period


    I am having my menses for more than 3 weeks. Before that it actually skipped 6 weeks. In 2017 i inserted Paragard and since then my period lasted 2 weeks. Have seen 2 gynaes and several doctors and they said different body react differently.

    i was given tranexamic acid for my heavy menses. I am 39. And i feel that my lower belly getting bigger. I feel paranoid that something is wrong with me.

    What should i do? Of late i feel giddy. Doctors told me that my blood level is normal but borderline to anaemic

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    Hi r2mum,

    It sounds like your symptoms are really affecting you.

    It would be difficult to give you medical advice over an online forum and i would definitely recommend that you come in for a consultation to see us for further assessment regarding your symptoms.

    You may call us at 68844119 to schedule an appointment.

    Best regards,