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New IUD for new partner?

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  • New IUD for new partner?

    Hi there,
    I just had an IUD and at this moment I am not having sex with anyone but maybe soon I may sexually involved with someone. I have one concern regarding IUD as someone told me I would need a new IUD for every new partner.
    Do I need to remove my current IUD in order to have sex with new partner?
    Kindly answer.

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    Dear Jenny,

    No, you do not need to remove your IUD for every new partner.

    The main concern would be to ensure you and your soon-to-be partner are free of STDs or sexually transmitted infections. The last thing you want is to have an infection when you have a foreign body like an IUD inside your womb/uterus.

    This can be done through a blood test and a vaginal swab test for yourself. For your male partner, a blood and urine test.

    You can read about vaginal infections here:
    As well as screening for vaginal STDs and other STDs here:


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      Thanks for clarifying my doubt Dr Grace and noted on the STDs.