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Can hand sanitiser kill sperms (in precum) on hands?

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  • Can hand sanitiser kill sperms (in precum) on hands?

    My friend and I did not have any penetrative sex. I touched the precum on his penis and rubbed his penis for a while. After which I touched a couple of other surfaces e.g clothing, a shirt, the sofa, a bag etc. I went to use restroom 20 minutes later and touched my panties and vagina when I went to pee and clean myself. My hands were not soaking wet with cum. And I did not at any point penetrate my vagina with those fingers.

    1. Will the hand sanitiser be able to kill the sperms in the precum on my hands? It was only 50% alcohol. Will I have any pregnancy risks if so?

    2. If I did not use the hand sanitiser, and given the fact that I have touched several surfaces before using the restroom and hence touching myself , is there any risk for me getting pregnant?
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    You have no risk of pregnancy from the above.


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      As my colleague has pointed out, there is no risk of pregnancy from the above situation that you have described.

      However, if you are so concerned about the risk of pregnancy and intend to be sexually active, we would advise you to consider some form of effective birth control.

      You may come down to our clinics for a discussion with our doctors regarding this.


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        Thank you. Just for future educational purposes, will the following situation have any pregnancy risk as well?

        My friend and I were being intimate, but we were fully clothed throughout (wearing t-shirts, underwear and pants). The guy touches my vagina through my pants and underwear and not touching the actual vagina or putting his fingers into my vagina. My underwear and pants was wet due to the stimulation and my own fluids. Is there any chance of pregnancy if there was a trace of precum or cum on the guy’s finger and he touches the outside of my pants (with my underwear and pants being wet with my own fluids)?

        Will the sperm in the precum or cum be able to penetrate or swim through my pants and underwear and get me pregnant?

        i want to know if this kind of interaction is safe so that I can enjoy this kind of intimacy without worrying that I might get pregnant
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          Dear jereminet23,

          There is unlikely any risk of pregnancy from the scenario you described. It will also be useful if you knew when your ovulation date is and to avoid penetrative sexual contact during the days before and after to reduce your risk of pregnancy as well.

          Thank you