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Is my pregnancy test accurate?

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  • Is my pregnancy test accurate?

    Is it possible for pregnancy to happen if precum from the penis drips and lands on my underwear outside? Will the precum be able to drip down to my vagina? I had my underwear on throughout the entire intimacy act, never took it off. We did not have sexual intercourse. I am wondering if the precum can drip down and onto my underwear or will the fabric from my underwear absorb any precum?

    my period is around the corner but my cycles are irregular. Usually it is about 41 to 43 days but most months it’s late. I don’t feel any pre-menstrual symptoms yet and that is worrying me. My last period was 25 June and the incident happened on 17 July. I took a pregnancy test on 3 August and result was negative.
    Can I trust this pregnancy test or is it too early?

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    Your risk of pregnancy from the above is zero.

    I can see that you have a fair amount of HIV/pregnancy anxiety. I do strongly recommend coming down to clinic to speak to a doctor in person once and for all. Alternatively if you find yourself unable to shake this anxiety, it may be wiser to deal with the underlying anxiety rather than question every possible scenario.

    Take care.