Last week on 28 August, I let my friend finger me while we were intimate. Now I am really scared I could get pregnant as a result. He had his mesh dry fit shorts ( those shorts with inner lining but he did not wear underwear) on throughout and his genitals were not exposed. Is it possible that precum can seep through the shorts and get on his fingers when he accidentally touched his shorts or scratched himself through his shorts? There were no visible wet patches on his shorts, although it felt moist when touched. He was obviously aroused as well so there would be precum but I am not sure if the precum was on his fingers. I am probably more worried if the precum can seep through the shorts and get onto his fingers when he scratched himself and then he used those fingers to finger me. We did not have any penetrative sexual intercourse, his fingers were not soaking wet with semen and he did not touch his penis at all. Is there any pregnancy risk with what happened?