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  • pregnant student in Singapore

    Hi Dr Tan,

    I visited your forum again today after a long time and noticed how much has changed. I visited your clinic a few times some years ago. I also notice your new forum is no longer as active as the old forum and your blog at blog.askdrtan. com has not been updated in a while You must have been very busy. I enjoyed reading the stories and knowledge shared on your old blog.

    Anyway, this is my question. I understand you are not the right party to ask but since I have received mixed information asking different parties including the relevant authorities regarding this so I have to ask you as a last resort. From your knowledge, are there any immigration issues with foreign students becoming pregnant while in Singapore? I am asking this for someone who is 30 years old and is doing a postgraduate course at a public school here. Do you have to report to the authorities each time a woman who is currently in Singapore on a student pass is found to be pregnant at your clinic? To be specific, my question excludes minors or victims of crime. In your clinic experience, have you seen any cases of foreign students who successfully gave birth in Singapore?

    I appreciate your advice and I apologize in advance if my questions is out of the scope of this forum.


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