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Greenish Yellow Vaginal Discharge!

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  • Greenish Yellow Vaginal Discharge!

    Hi Dr!

    I have greenish-yellow vaginal discharge for the last 2 days, and this has been very inconvenience.

    The discharge come on and off, and my panty is stained with a fishy smell. Is this normal?

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    Dear Feifei,

    The vaginal discharge you have described does not sound normal. Usually with abnormal vaginal discharge, it can be a sign of a vaginal infection. Vaginal infections can range from common non-sexually transmitted infections like bacterial vaginosis or yeast, to sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia. It would be best for you to drop by as a physical examination and tests may be needed to check exactly what infection this is. Treatment depends of course on the underlying infection.

    To find out more about abnormal vaginal discharge, you may visit our page here: or our page on abnormal vaginal smell: