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How Should I Prepare for a Pap Test

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  • How Should I Prepare for a Pap Test

    Hi Dr,

    I havent done a pap test before. I am married & I am 35 this year.

    I am thinking for do it as I heard it is to check for Cervical Cancer.

    I would like to know what should I do before a pap smear?

    How frequent should I take a pap test?

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    Hi Mag83Chan,

    Yes you should do a PAP smear! It is part of routine cervical cancer screening for ladies above the age of 21, who are sexually active. It is very simple and can be done in clinic. A vaginal speculum is inserted into the vaginal canal and we use a small brush to gently brush the cervix (the entrance to your womb) to get a sample. Additional samples can be taken to check for Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which is responsible for cervical cancer, as well.

    Just make sure you are nowhere near your menstrual period as we do not want blood to affect the specimen.

    If your PAP smear if normal, you should repeat it at least once every 3 years. If it is abnormal, your doctor will advise you accordingly.

    I wold strongly encourage you to do your first PAP smear, as this is an important part of keeping yourself healthy.

    To read more about PAP smears:
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