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  • Orgasms always

    Hello, I am not sure whether its the correct section to post this question. I have an extra ordinary issue orgasms all the time. I don't know what people might think about it but I don't feel comfortable and I feel embarrass. It is not because I turned on, it normally happens. If someone sits on my lap, I get and its embarrassing and I have no idea why it happening. Also my vagina itch and hurts sometimes with some odour.

    I would like to check and visit gyno but afraid I will have orgasm if doctor check. Please let me know what should I do as I am really shy to tell anyone about this.

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    Hi Alice,

    It sounds like you may have several issues going on. There is an entity known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD), which sounds similar to what you have described. There are treatments and medications available for this. However, to better understand your condition, you should come in person for a consultation.

    I understand you may feel embarrassed to see a doctor but you can be assured that there is nothing to be shy or awkward about- the most important part is taking the first step towards getting treatment for something which is troubling you.

    Secondly, vaginal itching and discharge are symptoms of a vaginal infection and it would be advisable to get this checked. You can read a little about vaginal infections here:

    Do feel free to approach myself or any of our female doctors anytime.