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BOTOX treatment of Vaginismus

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  • BOTOX treatment of Vaginismus

    Hello, my name is Dr. Eva Maria Strobl, I am a general practitioner in Germany and run my own anti aging practice in Munich/Bavaria. I am currently expanding treatments away from my main medical focus, in particular as they pertain to onabotulinumtoxin A, into non-esthetical areas, such as migraine therapy or treatment of certain spasms. Very recently, I have come across reports about botox treatment of Vaginismus, that sounded extremely encouraging. When searching the web for more info, I came across this forum. Thus, I'd like too ask you whether you have experience with Botox treatments of Vaginismus and whether you could briefly elaborate on them? What would interest me in particular is whether your protocol (if any) includes complete anaesthesia, as the reports available from UK and Germany seem to suggest.
    Thank you and regards,
    Dr. Eva Maria Strobl
    Moderne ästhetische Medizin und dermatologische Kosmetik in München. Ohne OP. Diskret. Von Frau zu Frau. Online-Terminbuchung.
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