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How can I protect myself from the Wuhan Virus?

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  • How can I protect myself from the Wuhan Virus?

    What should I do?

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    Dear TTT

    As i shared with another forum user.
    A short acronym in view of the CNY spread of this condition - HUAT.

    Help keep a lookout for your friends and family. If they are unwell with a cough flu or cold, encourage them to put on a mask and seek medical attention
    Understand news from the right channels. Alot of fake news out there aimed to cause panic. has a whatsapp account with regular updates
    Avoid fear mongering, keep calm and carry on life as per usual
    Take necessary precautions - Hand sanitizing, Putting on Masks

    Take care stay safe


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      Thank you for your post. Here are some advise on protecting yourself from Wuhan virus:

      1) Avoid crowded areas if possible.
      2) Frequent hand washing is one of the best way to protect yourself and your family
      3) If you are unwell with respiratory symptoms such as cough/ runny nose/ fever/ sore throat, please wear a surgical mask. If you do NOT have those symptoms, wearing a surgical mask does NOT protect you from getting the virus from others. After taking off the mask, please wash your hands. Also see a doctor if you have any of the the above symptoms.
      4) Avoid unnecessary travel to China.


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        Thank you for the suggestions. I want to add something, please also avoid to visit Italy.


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          Not just Italy
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            Keep yourself , live your life like you used to . Wash your hand and everything is gonna be all right