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Casual sex during this Wuhan virus period

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  • Casual sex during this Wuhan virus period

    Hi there, what advice would you give about casual sex during this period? Is it still safe to engage in it if all safety measures are taken? Best regards

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    Or would you say it’s best to abstain from sex for now?


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      The WHO has renamed the Wuhan Virus as COVID-19
      COVID-19 is spread by droplets
      So prolonged close contact with an infected person will put you at risk
      If you have sexual intercourse with someone infected with COVID-19, there is a high chance you may catch it from him/her
      Sexual intercourse would be considered prolonged close contact

      Aside from COVID-19, casual sex also puts you at risk of HIV and other STDs

      You can read more about the COVID-19 virus in the link
      Wuhan virus - 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). The Wuhan virus belongs to a family of viruses known as coronavirus, which include SARS and MERS