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How To Get Rid Of Genital Warts (Cryosurgery And Other Treatments)

Following up from our articles on Genital Warts (Cauliflower-like Lumps), Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and HPV vaccination, we share a little more on the treatment available for genital warts.

Warts or growths in the genital region can be a cause for concern. These are usually slow growing, cosmetically unsightly and may cause emotional distress. Sometimes, they may also be symptomatic resulting in itching, burning and pain.

There are many options available for treating these warts. Each with different pros and cons. We discuss these options of Wart Removal Surgery here and share why cryosurgery might just be our favourite option. - Genital Warts Treatment

How to Get Rid of Warts? - Genital Warts Treatment 

  1. Applying doctor prescribed chemicals on warts to stop them from growing and to make them go away. This requires a few treatments over many weeks to obtain results. The long treatment duration and multiple doctor visits can be a chore to some. Furthermore, studies have shown that chemicals such as Imiquimod (Aldara) and Podofilm have a 33-66% variable success rate in clearing these warts.


  1. Burning off warts through electrosurgery. A local anaesthetic is injected around the wart, the skin is cleaned and the wart is gently burned off. There might still be a sting as the electric current is applied and scarring is almost inevitable with any burning of the skin. Where warts are on sensitive areas, this should also be avoided to prevent damage to the area.


  1. Surgical Excision of the wart with a knife. Just like electrosurgery, this would involve the injection of a local anaesthetic and an excision around the wart with a knife performed. Sometimes stitches would also be used to close the wound if there is a gap or bleeding. Again might not be suitable if the wart is on a sensitive area and scarring is also a possibility as the wound heals.


  1. Freeze warts off. The approach which we like the most is cryosurgery. No preparation is needed. There is no need for local anaesthetic injection and in some cases, numbing cream can also be applied. A light tickle is felt as the wart is frozen and thawed.


For most warts, therapeutic outcomes are achieved at -50C. This effects of freeze-thawing at this temperature are bearable by most people. However current -50C cryotherapy is difficult to maintain and temperatures achieved might be sub-therapeutic. At the other extreme, -196C liquid nitrogen itself might be unbearable and stingy to most people, resulting in a bad experience not tolerating the procedure well.


At our Cryosurgery clinic in Singapore, we have harnessed the best of both worlds, achieving a constant therapeutic temperature of -89C allowing a greater degree of tolerability to the treatment and maintain a good treatment outcome.

Although these treatments sound scary, at DTAP we believe in personalizing treatment that works best for your schedule, needs and outcomes.

Also to note, over the counter treatments for plantar warts are NOT to be used to treat genital warts. They may cause further irritation and pain to the skin and will NOT work.

3 Simple Steps to Get the Wart Treatment - Genital Warts Treatment 

If you have already decided on cryosurgery or cryotherapy in Singapore, here are 3 simple steps to get the wart treatment process started:

  1. Make an appointment to get your condition assessed and diagnosed by our friendly doctors.
  2. In the same appointment setting, with no preparation needed, cryosurgery can be performed and takes no more than a few minutes of treatment for each wart
  3. Review with our team 1 week later to assess treatment progress. Some warts may be deep-seated and require a few treatment rounds to achieve clearance.


And if you need more information on cryosurgery, you can read more

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P.S  Cryosurgery can also be used to treat warts on other non-sensitive areas around the body as well, such as corns, plantar warts, warts on the body or arm. If you have trouble deciding which therapy works best for you, drop us an email hello@dtapclinic.com or call us or visit any of our clinics! - Genital Warts Treatment

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