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Hair Loss Treatment (Alopecia) Singapore

All around the world, millions suffer from hair loss or alopecia. It is not uncommon that persons suffering from alopecia may affect their self-esteem or confidence. It may also impact on their relationships with their partners. In some cases, some may become depressed and socially withdrawn. Some may become anxious especially in cases where hair loss occurs suddenly.

Many people frequently seek help from hair spas or their friendly neighborhood hair salon rather than seek advise from their doctors by which time they have wasted time and effort not to mentioned money without seeing much results.

In this article I will attempt to highlight some of the misconceptions about hair loss as well as discussing the different causes of hair loss and the possible treatments available.

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Myths and FAQs about Hair Loss

Frequent hair washing leads to hair loss

People think that because they see hair coming out when they wash their hair, washing causes hair loss. On the contrary, regular hair washing with shampoo helps to maintain healthy scalp. It is NORMAL for some hair to come out during washing. It is NORMAL to lose 50-100 hair daily.

Hair loss only occurs in older persons

That is not necessarily true. Some young men/ women can suffer from hair loss. In some cases, it may be due to stress/ sudden critical illnesses.

Does tying of hair in a braid or ponytail cause hair loss?

If you tend to tie up your hair tightly in a braid or ponytail, it can lead to what is known as traction alopecia.

My father/ mother is bald, am I going to be bald too?

While a family history of hair loss does increase the chance of you having hair loss issue it is far from being a certainly.

Causes of Hair Loss


There are many causes of hair loss. If hair loss occurs suddenly, it may be due to recent critical illness, diet, medication or child birth.

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Hereditary/ Hormonal Causes

If the hair loss is more gradual and become more noticeably with each passing year, then it may be due to androgenic (hereditary/ hormonal) hair loss. In such cases, in males, they typically notice a receding hairline and may also notice hair loss on the top of the head. In women, they typically notice thinning of the hair and widening of the hair parting. Women tends to retain their hairline.

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Autoimmune Causes

In some cases, hair loss is due to an autoimmune process where the person’s own immune system attacks the hair follicles. This typically results in patches of circular balding. In many cases, hair will regrow after some months.

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Scarring Alopecia

Sometimes, hair loss can be due to scars destroying the hair follicles (known as scarring alopecia).

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Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions can result in hair loss like anaemia and thyroid conditions. Generally, once these conditions are treated appropriately hair loss can be stopped or reversed.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium occurs when the balance between hair growth and resting phase is altered such that more of the hair is in the resting phase. This can occur in newborns or after child birth. Sometimes it occurs after critical illness, major surgery, life changing events resulting is emotional stress. In many cases, the hair loss can last for 1 year.


Medications like anti-seizure medications, excessive doses of Vitamin A, use of oral retinoids and some blood thinning medications can also cause Telogen effluvium. Anabolic steroids use can also result in hair loss.

Fungal Infections

Fungal infections of the scalp such as with ringworm can cause hair loss as well.

Poor Diet

Taking too much vitamin A or not eating enough food containing iron may also result in hair loss. Food rich in iron are soy bean, lentils, pumpkin seeds or iron-fortified cereals, clams, oysters and red meats.

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Treatment Options For Hair Loss


If hair loss is due to an underlying medical condition such as thyroid or anemia then treating the underlying medical condition generally would stop the hair loss and even reverse it.

If the hair loss is due to recent childbirth, in most cases, the hair would regrow after a few months.

In cases of hair loss due to autoimmune cause, sometimes corticosteroids can be injected into the areas affected which would decrease the amount of inflammation occurring and thus decease the amount of hair loss.

In cases where hair loss is due to fungal infections of the scalp, the doctor may give shampoo containing anti—fungal medications to treat the infection.

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Hormonal Hair Loss

In androgenic alopecia (hormonal hair loss), thee are several treatment options

1) Topical minoxidil hair spray - decrease the rate of hair thinning. You will need to continue to use it to continue to see the effects. Once stopped, the hair loss will proceed again. This can be used in both males and females.

2) Oral finasteride tablets - works by preventing the conversion of testosterone to DHT which is the cause of hormonal hair loss. However, this medicine is only for males. Again, you will need to continue to take the medication as the effects will only last when you are on the medication. One thing to note is that the medication may affect erections and sex drive in males.

3) Hair transplant - works by taking healthy hair follicles from the back of the head and reimplanting to the area of hair loss. There is significant downtime after procedure and there is a chance that the transplant may be rejected by the body and thus will not grow. It is typically also more expensive than other treatment options (usually will cost $10-15K).

4) Regenera Activa - works by using your own cells to restimulate the existing hair follicles such that hair thickness and density is improved. One of the advantage of this treatment is that there is no downtime as the amount of tissue required for the procedure is small, thus patients can return to work and normal activities on the same day of the procedure. Also there is no chemicals used in the procedure. Lastly it is cheaper than hair transplant.

For more information about Regenera Activa, please visit our Regenera Activa page.

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