HIV Risk Calculator

What is your HIV Risk?

Not knowing the risk of getting HIV can cause a lot of anxiety. This HIV risk calculator is designed to give you an idea of your risk. Remember that LOW risk doesn’t mean NO risk. To be absolutely sure, please see your doctor for an HIV test.

HIV Risk Calculator

Disclaimer: This HIV Risk calculator is not to replace a consultation with a Doctor. Always see your doctor for medical advice. Click here to make an appointment with us.

When was your exposure?
Did you use a condom?

Not all sexual activities have the same HIV risk. Depending on the type of sex you and your partner are having, your HIV risk can vary.

Besides calculating your HIV risk based on your sexual activities, this HIV Risk Calculator also factors in the HIV window period based on your last exposure.

Remember, this risk calculator is for HIV; low HIV risk is not necessarily low risk for other common STIs such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, chlamydia, trichomonas, HPV and Herpes infection. Next-Day Result STD Testing

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