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HIV Testing Anonymous HIV Testing

Anonymous HIV Testing Singapore 2024

DTAP Clinic @Robertson is a Ministry of Health Singapore (MOH) approved Anonymous HIV Testing site. DTAP @Robertson is licensed to anonymously diagnose the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Under the Anonymous HIV Testing & Screening Programme, any local or foreign individual may walk-in to DTAP @Robertson and request for an anonymous HIV test. There is no need to provide personal information such as Name, NRIC, Passport Numbers, Address or any form of contact details. The anonymous HIV test is strictly confidential. No personal information is required regardless of the HIV test results.

For non-anonymous HIV testing, you may visit any of our clinic locations for a private, discreet and affordable HIV test.

Different HIV Test Types (With Pricing Information) – Rapid HIV Testing Available

Anonymous HIV Testing Is Available For Select HIV Tests

Day From Exposure: From Day 90

Test: Rapid Finger prick Blood HIV-1/2 Antibody Test

Test Type: Finger prick test

Time Till Results: Max 20 mins

Pricing: $55 (price is before consultation)

Remarks: Results at this point are more than 99% accurate.

(This test is available in all our branches. If you choose to undergo this test Anonymously, please visit our Robertson Walk Branch)

Day From Exposure: From Day 28

Test: HIV P24 Antigen/Antibody Combo Test (4th generation)

Test Type: Finger prick + Blood test

Time Till Results: Max 20 mins

Pricing: $164 (price is before consultation)

(Anonymous HIV Test for this test is at Robertson Walk Branch)

Day From Exposure: Day 14 – 28

Test: HIV P24 Antigen/Antibody Combo Test (4th generation)

Test Type: Finger prick + Blood test

Time Till Results: Max 20 mins

Pricing: $164 (price is before consultation)

Remarks: HIV antibodies will start appearing in the blood between 14 to 20 days and become detectable. However, results are only conclusive at 28 days from exposure.

(This test is available in all our branches. If you choose to undergo this test Anonymously, please visit our Robertson Walk Branch)

Day From Exposure: Day 10 – 14

Test: HIV RNA/DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Test

Test Type: Blood test

Time Till Results: 1 – 2 weeks

Pricing: $523 (price is before consultation)

Remarks: HIV RNA PCR test has a low probability of returning a false positive result. If the test indicates less than 5000 viral copies per ml, it is likely a false positive.

Day From Exposure: Day 0 – 10

Test: N/A. Known as the eclipse period. No screening is available.

Test Type: N/A

Time Till Results: N/A

Pricing: N/A

Remarks: No screening available.

Day From Exposure: Day 0 – 3

Treatment: HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

Treatment Type: Oral tablets

Time Till Results: Typically 1 full month

Pricing: $1962 (price is before consultation)

Remarks: HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) medication may be taken to stop suspected HIV infection. While HIV PEP is not 100%, it is most effective within the first 72 hours from suspected exposure.

The consultation fee for HIV testing is $22. Pricing for a rapid HIV test is between $55 to $164 (price is before consultation). Results are out in around 20 minutes.

Availability of Anonymous HIV Testing Services

Anonymous HIV Testing (AHT) is available daily (Monday to Sunday, excluding public holidays) at Dr. Tan & Partners (DTAP) @Robertson. You may walk-in to DTAP @Robertson anytime during its opening hours. Simply approach the reception and indicate that you require an “AHT”. The reception will automatically process your request and provide guidance. No appointment is required. All discussions are kept discreet and confidential.

Please note that Anonymous HIV Testing is only available at DTAP @Robertson and not the other DTAP clinics. The HIV tests conducted at other DTAP clinics are not anonymous.

During your private consultation, you can speak to the doctor about your HIV-related concerns. Your assigned or requested doctor will administer the relevant HIV tests.

All HIV tests conducted at DTAP clinics are in line with regulations set by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore.

The Anonymous HIV Testing Process

Going For An Anonymous HIV Test In Singapore

Getting HIV tested should not be difficult, scary and most definitely, should not be embarrassing. Getting a HIV test done does not equate to one having done something exceptionally risky. Getting a HIV screening or test rapidly is an essential part of one’s overall healthcare plan. It protects not only the one being tested, but also the ones around him or her. Appointed anonymous HIV testing doctors at DTAP Singapore are professional and experienced. They are trained to assist in making you feel at ease and comfortable when undergoing a HIV test.

100% Confidential HIV Screenings

Your name or any other kind of personal information that can identify you will not be asked. Anyone regardless of nationality or background can get an anonymous HIV test done at DTAP’s anonymous HIV testing clinic. No records of your visit will be kept. At the end of your visit, there will be no trace of you having even been to the clinic. Even if your HIV screening results come back positive, your identity will remain a secret.

Professionalism During HIV Tests

During consultation, you will receive the most up to date advice on the risks involved. You will also be advised on the most suitable kinds of HIV test(s) based on your situation. Feel free to raise your concerns with your doctor. In a stress-free and non-judgemental environment, your doctor will only respond with the most appropriate medical advice. An appointed anonymous HIV testing doctor will not give unnecessary inputs on lifestyle choices or any other issue that has nothing to do with the medical issue at hand.

Speed And Accuracy – Rapid HIV Test Results Are Almost Instantaneous

Only diagnostic HIV test kits approved by both the World Health Organisation as well as Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority will be used for each test. Your doctor will also advise you on the exact accuracy of the HIV test based on your particular situation and window period. Typically at DTAP Singapore, HIV test kits take a maximum of 20 minutes to show results, though clear indications can be as quick as a few seconds.

DTAP provides a discreet and private environment for patients to consult with either a male and female doctor, whichever is preferred.

All screenings for HIV are performed by doctors experienced with STD and HIV related infections.

Contact DTAP today for more information on anonymous HIV testing services.


Walk into DTAP clinic at Robertson Walk.

Let the reception know you are here for an “AHT” (Anonymous HIV Test). You will be briefed and assisted accordingly.


You will then be guided to a private consultation with the doctor.

Doctor will proceed with the “3 Step HIV Test”. This kickstart the anonymous HIV test process.


In just 20 minutes, your HIV test results will be ready for review.

Your doctor will go through the HIV test results with you.

HIV screenings at DTAP is conducted strictly in a discreet, confidential, comfortable and non-discriminatory manner. In line with the Singapore Ministry of Health’s (MOH) guidelines, doctors at DTAP are consummate professionals when it comes to handling the sensitivity and accuracy of HIV tests.

HIV, while incurable, may be managed and controlled effectively with the right treatment and medication. It is therefore important to get HIV tested quickly if there is a case of suspected infection. The sooner the detection, the more effective the management. Getting HIV tested promptly will protect both yourself and your loved ones.

Rapid HIV Testing – Results In Max 20 Mins

Rapid HIV Test Singapore
To get your HIV test results fast, simply check with your doctor if you may go through a rapid HIV test. While such screenings are usually described as taking a maximum of 20 minutes, clear indications usually show within the first few seconds.

Your doctor will recommend you the most suitable HIV test approach based on your activity and history.

All staff at DTAP’s clinics undergo Covid testing on a regular basis. Visit our clinics with confidence and peace of mind.

Window Period & HIV Test Accuracy

The HIV window period is the time between a potential HIV infection and the time an individual gets HIV tested with an accurate result.

The body will produce an immunological response after an HIV infection.

A HIV test detects specific Antibodies produced when the human body is fighting the virus. The antibodies help indicate the presence of an infection.

The Importance of HIV Window Periods

Different HIV tests have different HIV window periods, as different tests detect different indicators of HIV infection during the HIV development cycle.

As HIV develops in the human body, HIV antibodies and antigens (protein) will develop too. Different HIV tests thus detect different antibodies at different stages.

When a wrong HIV screening is done during the window period, a person can be infected with HIV but the test results may still show negative. This is called a false negative HIV screening result.

Different Stages of HIV Infection

The difference between HIV and AIDS is that HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome, or a set of clinical signs and symptoms caused by late stage HIV infection, especially in the presence of opportunistic infections. Shortly after a person is infected with HIV, he or she may experience ARS (Acute-Retroviral Syndrome). This can be just like an illness similar to flu, with symptoms of fever, sweats, sore throat, etc. There is also a high risk of concurrent STD infection. STD screening and rapid HIV testing is important to ensure early diagnosis and treatment. Anonymous HIV testing is available at select clinics in Singapore. It is also available at DTAP @ Robertson.

HIV Acute HIV Infection occurs within 2 – 4 weeks after exposure. During this stage, Human Immunodeficiency Viruses will multiply rapidly, and start attacking the body immunity system by destroying CD4 cells.

An individual will typically experience Flu-like symptoms, HIV rash, HIV fever and other HIV signs and symptoms. HIV transmission risk at this stage is the highest.

Acute-Retroviral Syndrome:

As the whole body is reacting to fight off HIV, one may experience a variety of symptoms affecting all bodily systems. Some other Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs may display similar signs and symptoms to HIV. Comprehensive STD testing is available to diagnosis those STDs.

General HIV Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Night Sweats
  • Lethargy
  • Malaise
  • Swollen Lymph Nodes
  • Weight loss

Sign and Symptoms on Skin

  • Rash (HIV Rash)
  • Ulcer on the penis, vaginal and other parts of the body

Digestive HIV Symptoms

  • Nausea,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Loss of Appetite

Neurological HIV Symptoms

  • Headache


  • Muscle aches
  • Joint aches

During the Chronic HIV Infection phase, HIV reproduces at a lower level. HIV-related sign and symptoms will disappear. The immunity system will gradually be weakened and destroyed. It will take a few years before the HIV infection progress to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or the last stage.

If a person living with HIV is undergoing Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) or HIV Treatment, the infection at the chronic stage can be suppressed. The person needs to adhere strictly to HIV treatment regime.

At this phase, the CD4 for a person living with HIV has fallen drastically. In other words, a person’s immunity is severally damaged by HIV. With weak immunity, a person is prone to get serious infections or bacterial and fungal diseases that otherwise be able to fight off. These sorts of infection and diseases are called Opportunistic infection (OI).

Anonymous HIV Testing at DTAP HIV Clinic

Anonymous HIV Testing In Singapore

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