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Urticaria, or more commonly known as Hives, usually presents itself as very itchy bumps on the skin, sometimes known as wheals.

Most of the time these Hives are self limiting, resolve on their own and are not sinister. However, it can also cause a lot of irritation and may affect the quality of life of an individual if it reoccurs continuously over weeks, months or even years.

What are the causes of Hives?

Hives are triggered by the immune system – predominantly IgE antibodies which trigger a release of histamines and other chemicals. Chronic recurrent Hives are sometimes idiopathic (no known cause) in up to 4 out of 5 people. There are however a number of known causes of Hives and Urticaria.

At DTAP allergy clinic, we aim to get to the bottom of these causes and if possible identify these triggers and or treat them.

Common triggers include allergens in the air such as environmental allergensfood allergens and animal allergens. Medications which can be identified from a thorough history or even infections which can be elucidated with a careful history, examination and or further tests. Diagnosing known causes of urticaria through Allergy tests in Singapore would allow for reduction of symptoms and prevent them from coming back when these known allergens are avoided.

Food allergy, pollen allergy, dust mite allergy, pet allergy are but some of the things which can be investigated with a blood test or skin prick testing which is FAST and RAPID with results in 20 mins.

Treatment for Hives

Treatments for Hives include second generation antihistamines at standard or high doses. Other types of treatment include first generation antihistamines (drowsy), immune system modifiers and even steroids.


The quality of life can be greatly improved instead of relying on medications in dealing with allergies. Skin prick testing and allergy testing in Singapore are the first steps to identifying the triggers and alleviating the symptoms with appropriate, concrete steps.

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