Peyronie’s Disease

What is Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease should not be confused with congenital curvature

Peyronie’s Disease is the name given to a condition which causes the penis to bend when erect. The bend can be mild and hardly noticeable. However, there are also severe cases that the bend can be as bad as 90 degrees. I had a patient with such a severe deformity and he had to have sex facing away from his partner.

Severe Peyronie’s Disease is not just aesthetically displeasing. It can also cause pain and reduce the quality of erections. If the bend is severe, it can severely affect the patient’s sexual function. Like another patient of mine whose deformity meant his penis can only point downwards towards his toes.

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Peyronie’s Disease should not be confused with congenital curvature. In congenital curvature, a person is born with a normal curve of the penis. This is not caused by a plaque and does not need to be treated. Also, there is no truth to the urban myth that wearing your penis is a particular way in your underwear will make it permanently deform to that shape or direction.

It used to be that the only treatment for Peyronie’s Disease is surgery. However, now there is the option for Low-Intensity Shock Wave Therapy which is a safe, non-invasive and painless method to treat Peyronie’s Disease.

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What causes my penis to bend?

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

  • Peyronie’s Disease is named after François de la Peyronie who was the surgeon to King Louis XV of France
  • Hardened (Fibrosis) area of the penis tissue
  • It is a result of a scar (plaque) forming on the lining of the penis tissue
  • As scar tissues are not as elastic as normal tissue, it caused the penis to bend or curve especially when erect.
  • Generally, a hard lump can be felt on the same side as the direction of the curvature of the penis
  • In more serious cases it can lead to erection problems
  • Most of the time, the bending of the penis becomes more obvious over time.

What causes my penis to bend?

  • In most cases, you do not remember any injury to the penis.
  • The cause of Peyronie’s Disease is not clear
  • But some believe that it may be caused by repeated bending of an erect penis
  • Others believe that some immune problem or diabetes may cause the formation of the scar tissue from minor injury to the penis

How is Peyronie’s Disease diagnosed?

  • Sometimes, your doctor can feel the hard lump (scar) on your penis especially if it is erect
  • Most of the time, the doctor will also advise you to take a photo of the erect penis before coming to see the doctor, to determine the severity of the bending of the penis.

Sometimes, your doctor may order an ultrasound of the erect penis to locate the hardened lump (scar) and assess the size of the scar.

What are the available treatment options for Peyronie’s Disease?

In very mild cases, especially if there is no interference to sexual intercourse or erection issues, there may not be a need for any treatment. A patient may be advised to observe the bending of the penis over 12 months. Sometimes, over the course of 12 months, the curvature may become better or resolve completely

In others especially if the bending is moderate to severe or if it causes interference to sexual intercourse, then treatment can be considered.

1) non-Surgical therapy

Other non-surgical therapy includes injection of steroids into the scar tissue or injection of toxin similar to that used in BTX and enzyme that dissolves collagen. However, there is a small risk of bleeding into the penis and fracturing of the penis.

2) Surgical therapy

Surgical options include removing the scar tissue or plication of the penis which involves stitching up the opposite side of where the curvature is. However with plication of the penis, the side where the stiches are made, the penis will usually be shortened as a result.

With surgical removal of the scar tissue, the risk of damage to the nerves of the penis (which can cause numbness to the head of the penis) can occur or can result in erectile dysfunction

3) Electro-shockwave therapy

Electro-shockwave therapy, ESWT, can be a painless non-surgical option for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease.

The theory behind the treatment is that the pulses generated by the machine can help to break up the scar tissue thus improving the curvature of the penis

With all modes of treatment, even if the treatment is successful, the curvature of the penis may recur.

Can my condition be cured?

With all modes of treatment, even if the treatment is successful, the curvature of the penis may recur.

Is the lump I feel on my penis due to Peyronie’s Disease?

Not all lumps are due to Peyronie’s Disease. Sometimes they can be cysts (they are like water bags), pimples or Fordyce spots (tiny glands near the surface of the skin which is normal).

Will Peyronie’s Disease cause me to be infertile?

No. Peyronie’s disease does not cause the issue with the quality or quantity of your sperm.

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How common is Peyronie’s Disease?

A recent study in Australia shows that 1 in 10 men may suffer from Peyronie’s Disease.

Many a time, men may be too embarrassed to see a doctor.

Will Peyronie’s Disease cause me to be infertile?

No. Peyronie’s disease does not lead to penile cancer and it is not cancer.

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