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FAQs on Global Tax Refunds

Get up to 6% refund on medication purchases

1. What is eTRS?

The Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) allows foreign medical tourists to claim electronically the Goods & Services Tax (GST) that has been paid in Singapore on their purchases.

DTAP Clinics will issue an eTRS ticket to you at the point of purchase at the clinic. You will need your Passport as proof of eligibility.

You must remember to keep the original receipt and eTRS ticket before leaving the clinic.

You can still claim for tax refund even if the purchases were made using cash, at the airport using the eTRS tickets.

Medical tourist benefits:

  • Increased convenience with no forms to fill.
  • Environmentally friendly as the whole process is paperless.
  • Fast and easy verification process with automatic transmission.

2. What is the tax refund procedure as a tourist visiting DTAP Clinic?

Tax Refund Procedure

Tourists can shop at any Global Tax-Free affiliated DTAP Clinics in Singapore and with a minimum spend of SGD100get up to 6% refund on medication purchases.

Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Visit – When you visit at any of our clinics displaying the Global Tax-Free logo, request for an Electronic Tourist Refund Scheme (eTRS) ticket upon payment of your purchases and present your passport for proof of eligibility and credit card as a token.
  1. Retrieve – At the airport, proceed to the eTRS self-help kiosk together with your passport, goods, receipts and eTRS tickets. To process the refund, swipe your passport at the eTRS self-help kiosk and follow the simple step-by-step instructions.
  1. Claim – With the required documents, locate the GST Refund Counter in the Departure Transit Lounge to get your cash refund.

3. What are the various tax refund payment modes?

Tax Refund Payment Mode

Tax refunds from DTAP Clinic can be paid to tourists via :

Cheque – available at the GST refund counters at the airports.

Cash – available at the GST refund counters at the airport

Credit Card – available for VISA and Mastercard holders only.

4. Will the charges be higher if I am a foreign patient?

No, DTAP Clinic does not practise differential charging for local and international patients.

5. Will I be entitled for Goods and Services Tax (GST) Refund for my bills?

Global Tax Free, DTAP Clinic’s partner, is able to assist you with GST refund process. You must:

  • Not be a Singapore citizen, Singapore permanent resident, Student Pass holders or Employment Pass holders of Singapore
  • Does not include services.
  • be 16 years of age or above at the time of purchase
  • Make minimum purchase of SGD100 on unconsumed Medication, Medical Supplies and Medical Consumables from DTAP Clinic
  • The unconsumed goods must leave Singapore within 2 months from date of purchase

6. What kind of payment mode do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCards, American Express (AMEX), WeChat Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, NETS and Cash.

We also accept UnionPay at selected clinics.

Please note that only Visa & MasterCard are eligible for direct GST Refund. GST Refund for other forms of payment will be paid with cheques or cash.

7. Will I be advised on the estimated costs of treatment and/or procedures?

Upon consultation with the doctor, a detailed financial counselling with be conducted prior to your treatment and/or procedure.

8. I have bought travel insurance and medical insurance policies. Will my procedures/treatment expenses be covered by these policies?

Letter of guarantee by insurance companies are not eligible for tax refunds. The coverage and extent of coverage differs amongst medical / travel insurance policies. Therefore, please check with your insurance company to confirm the coverage and extent for your treatment and/or procedures.

9. My insurance company has confirmed coverage for my procedures/treatment expenses. What should I do now?

Letter of guarantee by insurance companies are not eligible for tax refunds. Please obtain a letter of guarantee from your insurance company. Should your insurance company is one of whom DTAP Clinic has a direct billing arrangement with, please present the letter of guarantee prior to or during your visit at our clinic. There may still be a part of the bill to pay which includes but not limited to co-payments, non-payables and deductibles.

If your insurance company is yet to have a direct billing arrangement with DTAP Clinic, you may be required to make payments for the Treatment/Procedures first then claim from your insurance company. The extension of cashless arrangement will be reviewed on a case by case basis upon receipt of the letter of guarantee.

10. Where do I get the tax refund in Singapore?

Singapore Changi Airport

Next to Customs in the Departure Lounge after immigration. Terminal 1, 2 & 3.

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