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Penile Infections

Penis infections frequently occur on the skin or in the urethra.

A penile infection can be caused by bacterial, fungal, and sometimes viral organisms. These may be transmissible infections (e.g. STIs/STDs), or due to poor hygiene or underlying conditions.

The foreskin is more susceptible to infections as urine is often trapped under the foreskin, making it an environment that bacteria and fungus can easily grow in. 

Infections within the urethra of the penis are usually sexually transmitted (STDs like Gonorrhoea or Chlamydia).

Symptoms of a penis infection

  • Rashes, ulcers or sores over the head or shaft of the penis

  • Pain or itching at the genitals

  • Swelling over skin

  • Pain while urinating

  • Blood in urine or blood in semen

  • Pelvic pain or discomfort

  • Enlarged lymph nodes

  • Urinary frequency

  • Abnormal penile discharge

Penile infection



One of the most common penile infections results in Balanitis, or inflammation of the head of the penis. Balanitis can be caused by fungal or bacterial infections, which may need treatment with topical creams or sometimes even oral tablets.

Balanitis Treatment

Reduce the chance of Balanitis with proper personal hygiene. It is recommended that all males gently retract the foreskin daily and wash with warm water to clean the penis and foreskin.

Speak to our doctors if you have persistent swelling, redness or irritation or if you have other accompanying symptoms like penile discharge (discharge from penis) or painful urination. In most cases of Balanitis are easily treated with good hygiene and creams and ointments recommended by your doctors.


In recurrent cases of Balanitis, circumcision can be curative. This involves the removal of the foreskin which can be done in an outpatient setting. No foreskin, no infection!

Circumcision is rarely needed to treat a penis infection. In certain situations like diabetes, or situations causing recurrent bacterial or fungal infections of his foreskin (recurrent Balanitis), individuals may benefit from circumcision.

Balanitis is a common condition that may affect as many as 1 out of 10 males and can occur in males at any age.


We will start with a consultation for your symptoms to assess the severity of the problem as well as determine if there is an underlying cause. This discussion will include questions on your past medical history, potential sexual exposures, and other risk factors for infection.

The doctor will perform a physical examination as appropriate – this may be to check for any tenderness or swelling in the genital area, enlarged lymph nodes, prostate enlargement, or skin changes like ulcers or rashes.

We will then advise you on the appropriate testing, which may include swabs or a urine sample, and blood testing if we are concerned about other associated infections or diseases.

Speak to our doctors – there can be many reasons that you are getting these infections, including commonly missed diagnoses like diabetes.

It is best to start treatment early as chronic Balanitis can lead to scarring, adhesions, and possibly phimosis (tightening of the foreskin making a retraction of the foreskin difficult or painful).

If you are getting recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s), we would need to evaluate for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) which are commonly missed on regular urine testing at GP’s, and if these tests are clear we would assess for any other underlying problems with the urinary system such as kidney stones, urinary reflux, and prostate enlargement.

Yes, most penile infections are readily treatable. Depending on the type of infection, medication may either be topical creams or oral tablets, ranging from a single dose to a few weeks in complicated cases.

In STI cases, it would also be recommended that your partner gets tested and treated as well. In non-STI case, we would hope to address the underlying condition or risk factor – for instance, if you are found to have diabetes or kidney stones, these will need to be treated as well to reduce the risk of recurrent infection.

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