Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Testing

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Testing

In light of the recent announcement by Singapore to open up events and nightlife in Singapore, DTAP @ NOVENA is proud to announce that we are able to offer onsite testing for Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test.

We are using HSA approved and MOH approved rapid antigen test that has been shown to be >95% sensitivity and 99% specificity.

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Do I need to make an appointment to do the testing?

We would highly encourage you to make an appointment before heading down to DTAP @ Novena for the COVID 19 Antigen swab. This is to ensure safe distancing is adhered to. Your health and safety are of our priority.

Do I need to prepare anything before I come for the test?

No. There is no special preparation that needs to be done before coming for the test. There is NO need to clean your nose with any substances. In fact, that may cause error in the results.

What is done during the test? Will it be painful?

A small cotton swab is inserted into each of your nostrils and left in each nostril for a few seconds in order for any liquid in your nostrils to be soaked up by the cotton swab. This is to ensure that the results are accurate. You may feel uncomfortable as the swab is inserted into your nostrils but it would NOT be painful. You may experience some tearing from your eyes. The whole process will only take 30 seconds or less.

What safety precautions has the clinic taken to minimize the risk of spreading virus to me or other patients if there is a positive case?

Safe distancing practices are adhered to in our clinics. Persons doing the test are only allowed to remove their mask during the performance of the swabbing of the nostrils. The surfaces of the area like the tables and chairs where the swab is taken cleaned after every patient with disinfectant wipes. Samples taken from patients are processed in special equipment that will prevent aerosols (tiny droplets) from escaping into the clinic. The doctor or staff who is in the same room when the swab is being taken will be wearing full personal protective equipment like head net, face shield, N95 mask, waterproof gown and gloves. The glove will be changed for each patient. Also every 2 hours, the room will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant.

Your health and safety is of our utmost priority.

When will I get the results?

The results will be available within 30 mins.

What if I am tested positive for the COVID-19 Antigen test?

As per MOH guidelines, all persons tested positive for COVID-19 Antigen test are required by law to self-isolate immediately and seek a confirmatory COVID-19 PCR swab as soon as possible. If you wish to, we also offer COVID-19 PCR testing as well.

You are required by law to remain self-isolated until the results of the COVID-19 PCR test is communicated to you. You will be issued a compulsory 3 day MC which will require you NOT to leave your home until the results of the COVID-19 PCR test is communicated to you. Please note that if you violate the self-isolation, you may be charged under the Infectious Disease Act and may be fined or jailed or both.

How much will the testing cost?

The total cost of the testing will be $50 inclusive of GST & Consultation.

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