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If you think you are suffering from hormonal hair loss or known as androgenic alopecia, Regenera Activa may be a treatment option you may want to consider.

Many males and females who suffer from hormonal hair loss have tried many other hair growth treatment packages sold by hair spas or hair salons with no noticeable results.

Also, some may be concern about the potential side effects of a commonly used oral medication called finasteride which may cause erection problems and decrease sex drive while others may be concern about the risk of hair transplants.

In this article, I will explain why Regenera Activa may be suitable as a treatment option for hormonal hair loss. Various studies done in Europe have shown that Regenera Activa has improved the density and thickness of hair. It has been certified by FDA USA and CE EUROPE to be safe.

Regenera Activa – Things You Should Know

Regenera Activa uses the technology of extracting your own body’s cells, concentrating it and injecting back into your scalp to stimulate the scalp to improve density and thickness of your existing hair.

Generally you can expect results to be visible in about 3-4 months post treatment. However in cases, you can see results even after 1 month. Results vary from individuals.

Till date there is no permanent cure for the hormonal hair loss. In cases where people use lotion or oral tablets to slow down hair loss, they will need to continue using them. Once they stop using the medication, hair loss will recur.

With Regenera Activa, the effect of the treatment typically lasts for 1-2 years.

The treatment does not use any chemicals.

As there are no chemicals used and also we are using your own body’s cells, there is no known side effects as compared to medications such as finasteride (which can cause erection problems and decrease in sex drive).

With hair transplant, typically there is downtime as usually a large amount of tissue is taken in order to provide enough follicles for transplant. Hence some patients are worried about colleagues/ friends noticing the wound and also concern if due to the size of the wound whether scarring would be more noticeable.

With Regenera Activa, as the amount of tissue required for the procedure is small, the chance of a noticeable scar is not likely to happen and also there is no downtime as you can return back to work or normal activities straight after the procedure.

Some are also concern that after a significant amount of money (usually hair transplants cost $10-15k) the hair grafts may fail to grow. In contrast, the cost of Regenera is significantly lower ($3000).

Finally, hair loss is a never-ending march and the sooner you seek professional help the more likely we can help you preserve the existing hair.

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