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Importance of Skin

Contrary to most believe that skin is just a superficial surface, it is one of the essential organs in our body. It serves multiple functions. This ranges from providing the body with a physical barrier, regulating human body temperature, to synthesizing vitamin D for our body and surveillance our immunity.

Chronic skin disease can have a devastating impact on people’s life. Although most skin diseases are not associated with significant mortality, it tends to be overlooked.

  • Acne Treatment
  • Eczema
  • Fungal infection
  • Viral warts
  • Psoriasis
  • Scars
  • Moles Removal
  • Hair loss
  • Hives

Acne is one of the commonest skin problems that invariably affects one at some point in their life.

This is a combined result of genetic predisposition, higher level of male hormones, and inflammation by bacteria Propionebacterium acne.

Acne manifests more aggressively during adolescence or early adulthood, though some people continue to have acne outbreaks during their middle age.

Acne commonly affects over the skin distribution with sebaceous glands such as the face, chest, back, shoulder and scalp. It is a condition that if left untreated can lead to physical scarring.

Living in the tropical hot and humid Singapore, fungal infection is ubiquitous.

Fungus thrives in body areas that are warm and moist. Fungal infection commonly affects areas such as the armpit, breast folds, groin, feet and web spaces of the toes.

In people whose immune system are compromised, the infection can be widespread.

Psoriasis is a chronic recurring inflammatory skin condition. It presents with thick scaly red areas affecting the scalp, ears, elbows, knees, lower back, buttock.

Some patients have changed over their nails and may have painful joints. The exact cause of psoriasis remains unknown, but it is postulated to be a combination of genetic and environmental changes. The condition can run in the family. Psoriasis is not a contagious skin disease, and cannot spread via physical contact.

Psoriasis very often is a psychosocially frustrating and upsetting condition. Current evidence-based medicine promises new topical and second line options in treatment including phototherapy or biologics in more advanced cases.

We tend to grow more moles as we progress with age. It is believed that moles are an interplay of genes and sun exposure. Most of the moles are harmless. However, it is good to get new moles to be checked, to avoid missing of skin cancers. There is a simple ABCDE checklist that one can use at home to look for red flags of a new mole.

  • Asymmetry
  • Borders (irregularity)
  • Color differences (Patchiness, Uneven, Multiple color tones)
  • Diameter of >6mm
  • Evolution over time

It is worth popping by your trusted doctor’s clinic for a consult if any of the checklist is positive. This is for both reassurance and early detection of a more sinister cause of skin lumps and bumps.

Eczema is an inflammatory, chronically recurring and intensely itchy skin condition. It is due to an interaction between genetic and environmental factors.

Eczema is associated with systemic allergic diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Eczema can be exacerbated by environmental changes such as heat, dusty places, sweating, dry weather, stress or even food.

Viral warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). It is often picked up accidentally over the hands, legs or face from an infected surface.

People tend to pick them out from the poolside floor, shared toilet, infected shoes.

Genital viral warts are transmitted via sexual contact. Despite viral warts can go viral, spreading around the skin, it is a treatable condition.

Scars are harmless. However, it can be troublesome in some, causing pain, itch, or cosmetic unpleasantness. Scars occur due to previous skin injury or old inflammation.

Scars that are raised and bumpy on the skin can be subdivided to be hypertrophic scars or keloids.

Current treatment options range from silicon gels, steroid injections to laser resurfacing to lighten up the scars.

There are multiple causes of hair loss.

The 2 most common causes of generalized hair loss are male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia) and female pattern hair loss.  Other generalized hair loss causes include pregnancy-associated hair loss or hair loss associated with anaemia.

Hair loss can occur when there is a great stressful event in one’s life including death, exam, and sickness.

In some, hair loss can occur in a patchy distribution, such as in a condition known as alopecia areata. In rarer cases, hair loss can be secondary to underlying immune system disorder of the body.
See: Pattern Hair Loss Treatment

Hives are also known as urticaria. They are very itchy rashes and appears like mosquito bites. They can recur, and comes and goes. Hives is due to release of histamine onto the skin from some, very often unknown triggers.

In the more acute setting, hives may be associated with allergy, and blood tests or skin prick tests may be warranted.

It can run a chronic path with possible triggers of heat, cold, sweat, pressure, sunlight, exercise or even food.

Sometimes, it is associated with underlying medical conditions such as anaemia or thyroid problems.

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Most skin diseases are not fatal. However, if skin diseases very often when left unattended can lead to significant psychosocial debilitation, emotional distress and low esteem.

Fortunately, over the years, medicinal advancement brings its wake new treatment options which, if not a complete cure, alleviate symptoms tremendously.

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