What You Need To Know About Prostate Massage?

The prostate is a small walnut-sized gland found only in men at the base of their bladder. It is just deep to the perineum (the small bit of skin between the anus and base of the scrotum sometimes colloquially known as the ABC – Ass-Balls-Connection). It can also be palpated through the anus just about the length of a finger deep.

A prostate massage involves stimulating the prostate gland directly via the anus. This can be done with a finger or with various devices and toys that have been developed specifically for this purpose.

Prostate massage used to be done medically as part of the treatment for chronic prostatitis. However, many studies done have questioned the effectiveness of this and it is now largely abandoned. Read: Enlarged Prostate – What You Need To Know

Prostate massage is also very commonly done as part of sexual stimulation and is practised by many individuals and couples. In fact, the prostate gland is known as the G-spot for men and many men experience much more pleasurable orgasms compared to penis stimulation alone.


How to massage the prostate with a finger safely?

Prostate massages if not done properly can cause many problems. Minor complications can include injury to the anus and rectum and causing prostate inflammation. However, rare but potentially serious complications like perforation of the rectum and spreading of bacteria and even cancer cells from the prostate can occur. Ideally, you should seek your Doctor’s advice before getting a prostate massage.

It is best to first either put on a glove or roll a condom on the finger. Using lots of lube is also recommended. If you are not using gloves, make sure your nails are trimmed and not sharp.

First, place the pulp of the fingertip flat against the anus. Then gently place firm pressure posteriorly (i.e back towards the tailbone). This helps the anal sphincter muscles relax.

Once you feel the muscle relax, gently slip the finger into the anus. Turn the hand around until the pulp of the fingertip faces forwards (i.e towards the belly button).

Massage the prostate in gentle circular motions. You will realize what movements work for you. If you are doing it for someone else, please do not thrust (i.e. move the finger in and out) as this increases the risk of injury.

Equipment and toys for prostate massage


Many different devices have been developed to stimulate the prostate. Some are battery powered much like a vibrator or G-spot stimulator and some are not powered commonly known as butt or anal plugs.

Butt plugs or anal plugs are easy to use. Make sure you observe the same hygiene practices you have for all your sex toys. Clean the plugs thoroughly before and after use. Butt plugs usually come with a broad base to prevent it from slipping completely into the rectum. Using lots of lube prior to insertion usually helps. Just like the technique for the finger, use the plug to place firm gentle pressure against the anus towards the tailbone until the sphincter muscles relax then slip the plugin. Many people enjoy butt plugs as it allows the hands to be free.

Battery powered prostate stimulators are much like vibrators. However, they are usually smaller and made of a softer material. It is usually also curved slightly to better stimulate the prostate. Vaginal vibrators and G-spot stimulators can also be used to stimulate the prostate. Make sure you observe the same hygiene practices for all your sex toys. Most battery powered devices can be covered with a condom before use. Insertion technique should be the same as the finger and plugs. Most battery powered devices do not have a broad base and run the risk of slipping entirely into the rectum. So make sure you have a firm grasp on the device. Be careful when lube is used as this can slow down the device and make you lose grip on it. If the device does slip into the rectum please DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself. You may cause very serious damage even life-threatening damage to the rectum. Please see your Doctor to have it safely removed. Also, if you are doing it for someone else, please do not thrust (i.e. move the device in and out).



Pegging is the name given to a practice where a woman puts on a strap-on dildo and uses it to anally penetrate a man. This is also to produce prostate stimulation for sexual arousal. Only use soft material dildos for this. Observe the same hygiene practices as all your other sex toys. Preferably, you may want to try butt plugs or small vibrators before going on to pegging. This allows you to get used to anal penetration and reduces the risk of injury.

Please be very careful with this. I have personally attended to a patient in the hospital accident and emergency room with a perforated rectum caused by the improper use of a rigid sex toy. Basically, the patient’s partners inserted a rigid sex toy in such a way that it poked a hole through the patient’s large intestines. The patient died after struggling in ICU for many days.

Professional Prostate Massagers

There are many individuals and companies online that advertise themselves as offering professional prostate massage services. This may or may not be part of sexual service.

From a medical standpoint, be careful when engaging such a service. Please ensure in whatever way you can that the person who will be performing the prostate massage is properly trained and experienced. This is to reduce the risk of any potential complications.

An improperly done prostate massage can injure, abrade or tear the anus. It can also cause inflammation or infection of the prostate. If the finger or device used is not properly cleaned before anal penetration, there may even be a chance of contracting an STD like rectal gonorrhoeachlamydiaHPV or herpes.

If a person suffering from an acute bacterial infection of the prostate gets a prostate massage, this may push bacteria into the bloodstream and cause a very serious condition called septicaemia. If the person a person who has prostate cancer gets a prostate massage, this may push cancer cells into the bloodstream and cause it to spread.


In conclusion, prostate massages are very popular and practised by many. It can be very enjoyable when done correctly. However, it can also cause minor and sometimes serious complications. It is best to see your doctor prior to getting a prostate massage and always ensure safety when trying it.

Be Nice. Be Safe.

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