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Pap Smear Screening in Singapore

What is Pap Smear?

A PAP smear is a simple screening test for cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is the 5th most common cancer that affects women in Singapore, with 300 women a year being diagnosed with cervical cancer.  Infection by certain high-risk strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which are acquired through sexual contact, is a significant risk factor which leads to the eventual development of cervical cancer and is present for years before cell changes occur.  Infection of the cervix by HPV causes changes in the cells of the cervix, leading to abnormal growth and eventually, cancer.

PAP Smear & Cervical Cancer Screening

Active Female above the Age of 21

A regular PAP smear helps to detect early, pre-cancerous changes and is a good screening tool to prevent full-blown cervical cancer.

A PAP smear involves using a brush to take a small sample of cells from the cervix during a vaginal examination for evaluation. It can be easily and quickly performed in the clinic with minimal discomfort. The sample obtained is then examined under a microscope to detect abnormalities in the cells that may suggest cancer or a pre-cancerous condition.

The PAP smear is an effective test which facilitates early detection and treatment of cervical cancer and is part of the recommended routine cancer screening by the Ministry of Health. Every sexually active female above the age of 21 should undergo regular PAP smears as part of their routine health screening.

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PAP Smear

A brush is used to obtain a sample of cervical cells to look for cellular abnormalities that may indicate a pre-cancerous or cancerous condition.

PAP smear with high-risk HPV DNA testing

In addition to a PAP smear, a sample is also taken to test for the presence of high-risk HPV infection within the cervical cells which may precede any actual cell changes seen.

HPV vaccination (Gardasil 9)

Gardasil 9 offers protection against 9 strains of HPV including high-risk cervical, vulvar, vaginal and anal cancer-causing strains.

Rapid HPV Testing (Next Day Results)

This test allows early detection of high-risk HPV group.

Rapid HPV Testing (Next Day Results) + PAP Smear

Rapid HPV Test + Thin Prep test allows you to identify not just cervical cancer or pre-cancerous state, but also High-risk HPV infection which can precede cell changes

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