Contraception and Birth Control

Contraception and Birth Control

Contraception, also known as birth or fertility control, consists of various ways and methods to prevent a pregnancy when a woman is not ready, or when a couple wants to do family planning.

Going through a situation when an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy happens can be an extremely stressful and emotional time for any girl or woman.

This situation, however, can be completed avoided!

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Birth control and family planning is an extremely important and relevant topic that applies to ALL women who belong to the reproductive age group. This can involve girls in their late teens all the way to women in their forties.

“Many girls often have many misconceptions on proper birth control methods due to hearsay or what they read online, often choosing not to use birth control which may lead to an unwanted pregnancy.”

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3 Contraception Methods

Our clinic offers a team of experienced and dedicated female doctors who are here to guide you through all the confusion and misconceptions to help you decide on the most appropriate birth control for you.

We offer a variety of birth control methods to suit your preferences and needs, ranging from short-term to long-term solutions, hormonal or non-hormonal.

All contraception methods listed are reversible, and can be stopped anytime you wish to get pregnant! – Birth Control Pills Singapore

1) Long Acting Reversible Methods:

3 Years & 5 Years

  • Hormonal Intrauterine contraceptive device (5 years)
  • Non-hormonal intrauterine contraceptive device (5 years)
  • Implant (3 years)

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2) Shorter Acting Reversible Methods:

Weekly, Monthly & 3-Monthly

  • Contraceptive Patch (Weekly)
  • Birth Control Pills ( Monthly)
  • Injection (3 monthly)

3) Emergency Contraception

  • Ella (1 pill)
  • Postinor ( 2 pills)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Who Is Suitable for Birth Control

Any female who is of the reproductive age group (past puberty and before menopause) and is sexually active should consider some form of birth control if they are not planning for a pregnancy.

2) How is a suitable birth control decided for me ?

  • Your doctor will take a thorough history during your consultation and have a detailed discussion with you regarding the pros and cons of each form of birth control before making a combined decision regarding the most suitable method for you.
  • Common factors to take into consideration include any past medical conditions, lifestyle, side effects and duration of birth control desired.

3) Is birth control harmful?

  • Most birth control methods may come with some minor side effects such as bloating, headache or irregular spotting. (Effects will differ based on the individual)
  • However, they are all very safe and effective methods of birth control which are reversible and can be stopped anytime you change your mind.

4) Will it affect my future chances of conceiving or getting pregnant?

All birth control methods (except for sterilization) are completely reversible, and can be stopped as soon as a woman desires fertility.

Fertility can return almost immediately after birth control is stopped, or for certain methods such as the hormone injection, it may take a few months.

However, these birth control methods do not have long term or long lasting effects that will affect a women’s fertility

On the other hand, procedures such as termination of pregnancy may cause scarring of the womb tissue which can result in infertility in the future

5) Do birth control pills cause cancer?

It is a common myth and misconception that oral contraceptive pills cause cancer.

While they are contraindicated in patients with apreviouslys existing medical history of womb or breast cancer, long term use of oral contraceptive pills actually PROTECT against ovarian and womb cancer

6) Are there any other benefits of such birth control methods?

Birth control methods can also bring about many other benefits to help those facing menstrual problems.

Contraceptive pills can regulate menses, reduce menstrual flow and reduce period pain.

Hormonal injection or hormonal intrauterine device can also reduce heavy and painful periods. – Birth Control Pills Singapore

7) How effective are these birth control methods in preventing pregnancy?

The intrauterine contraceptive device and the hormonal implant are 98-99% effective

Birth control pills, injection and patch are 91-95% effective.

Condoms and counting of the menstrual cycle is 70-80% effective.

– Birth Control Pills Singapore

8) Is there a minimum age to start birth control?

There is no official minimum age required to start birth control. As long as a woman is within the reproductive age group, sexually active and not ready for pregnancy, birth control is advised. – – Birth Control Pills Singapore

9) Can I use the emergency pill as a form of birth control?

The answer is NO.  The emergency pill is NOT a form of birth control. It is not advisable to take the emergency pill repeatedly. – Birth Control Pills Singapore

10) Is there any limitation to these birth control methods?

While all the birth control methods named above are very effective in preventing pregnancy, they, unfortunately, do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Risk of STDs can only be prevented with the use of condoms.

– Birth Control Pills Singapore

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