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Contraception, also known as birth or fertility control, consists of various ways and methods to prevent a pregnancy when a woman is not ready, or when a couple wants to do family planning. Going through a situation when an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy happens can be an extremely stressful and emotional time for any girl or woman. This situation, however, can be completed avoided!

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Birth control and family planning is an extremely important and relevant topic that applies to ALL women who belong to the reproductive age group.

This can involve girls in their late teens all the way to women in their forties.

Many girls often have many misconceptions on proper birth control methods due to hearsay or what they read online, often choosing not to use birth control which may lead to an unwanted pregnancy. – Birth Control Pills Singapore

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3 Contraception Methods

Our clinic offers a team of experienced and dedicated female doctors who are here to guide you through all the confusion and misconceptions to help you decide on the most appropriate birth control for you.

We offer a variety of birth control methods to suit your preferences and needs, ranging from short-term to long-term solutions, hormonal or non-hormonal.

All contraception methods listed are reversible, and can be stopped anytime you wish to get pregnant! – Birth Control Pills Singapore

1) Long Acting Reversible Methods:

3 Years & 5 Years

  • Hormonal Intrauterine contraceptive device (5 years)
  • Non-hormonal intrauterine contraceptive device (5 years)
  • Implant (3 years)

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2) Shorter Acting Reversible Methods:

Weekly, Monthly & 3-Monthly

  • Contraceptive Patch (Weekly)
  • Birth Control Pills ( Monthly)
  • Injection (3 monthly)

3) Emergency Contraception

  • Ella (1 pill)
  • Postinor ( 2 pills)

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